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New warehouse in Spain

New warehouse in Spain

After months of planning we are beyond excited to announce that DUTCH STYLE is opening a warehouse in Spain from 1st April 2017! We made our decision based on many factors which will benefit our customers even more than it is now :)

It's an amazing country with brilliant weather which is essential for our flokati dyeing/drying process. No rain from April to September/October, no minus during winter. These conditions are simply perfect for us as at the moment we are dependent on the Dutch weather, and our drying capacity is very limited. By having this new warehouse and take advantage of the excellent weather we will be able to increase our capacity and lower the current 5 weeks lead time. 

The other reason is Morocco. Our new props couldn't be properly introduced due to transport issues (eg. super high costs) and we are pretty excited to be so close to Africa and able to bring in the hand-made Moroccan props quickly and on an affordable cost. 


1.) Shipping location is Spain from 1st April 2017
2.) 21% Spanish VAT will be charged on all products
3) Dutch customers will be VAT exempt if they provide a valid EU VAT Registration Number
4.) Spanish customers will be charged VAT for every order and they will be able to claim the VAT from the Spanish Tax Office
*** These changes are active from 1st April 2017, all orders placed before this date will not be affected! All other European Union countries: business will be done as usual, no change in taxes.
A few thoughts from us: this new warehouse is long overdue and will give us the extra help we need to grow together with our business. Sometimes you just need to step away from the every day craziness and look at what you achieved. And we are so proud of what Dutch Style became in less than 2 years! Honestly, if someone asked how on earth we are able to run Dutch Style besides having 3 small children and do all the work ourselves (yes, believe it or not but we do everything from purchasing stock, testing new props, dyeing flokati, pack our orders, accounting, quarterly reports, dropping packages and so on) plus working weekends, no holiday for 5 years - we'd say: love what you do and live your dreams!
We would like to take opportunity and thank our amazing customers for all the support we get. The rapidly growing need for our props is the best response we can get and in order to keep up with demand we strongly believe this is the way forward!

For a smooth transition we will be closing the shop for a few days end of March. More details and exact date will be announced very soon.

Big hug from us! K & J