We are a husband and wife team who retired early from corporate and went on our own adventurous journey in 2011. We have 3 small kids who keep us busy but also motivate us to do more, better and push our limits. 

2015 Dutch Style started out with just a few rustic bowls and bark bowls but very quickly became famous for our premium quality, natural and organic styled props within the professional photography industry. We are proud to be the first one offering rustic and painted wooden bowls

2016 Was certainly a busy and exciting year for us. We added a lot of different teak wooden props to our collection and Greek flokati rugs which were an instant success and as of today hundreds of rugs are sold to numerous countries all over the world. Offering hand-dyed flokati rugs in 30 colors is unique and our customers always compliment on the quality and softness of our carpets. All these rugs are made by me (Kristie) with my own hands and each piece gets special attention from start to finish. We closed 2016 with an amazing 1300+ orders and shipped to 25+ countries

2017 Our busiest year to date, gaining new customers on a daily basis. We continued to grow, search, test and added more products such as fabrics, wraps, layers, new 3000gr and 4000gr flokati rugs, Moroccan hand-crafted props and much more. We closed 2017 with over 1470+ orders and shipping to 59 countries. We sold over 990 wool carpets and it's been an amazing feeling to have so many people using our rugs for their sessions

2018 Third year in business and we are excited to grow even more!

Dutch Style is all about superb quality, excellent customer service and proudly the number one stockist of natural photography props. We are a team of 2 people and taking care of every single process within our business and company. This business is our life and we put ourselves into running it 500%. By choosing us you are not only supporting a small family business but investing into products that will last a long time if well taken care of 

Dutch Style is trading under GRUPO BLAKE COSTA DEL SOL S.L. in Spain