• Where do you ship? 
From 5th July 2018 we only ship to European countries (Turkey, Canarias included) and to a selected number of overseas countries.

• How much does it cost to ship to my country?
Shipping to each country is different and it is based on the weight of the package. We setup a shipping fee calculator which can be found on the cart page. This tool provides precise cost of shipping to your country

• How long does it take to prepare my order?
Due to high workload we need approx. 8-10 working days to process all orders for dispatch. Pre-orders are processed as per indicated in the product description. At the moment we can't accept rush orders

• I placed an order for props in stock and pre-order items
Your order will ship as one package when the pre-ordered props get ready. If you would like to receive the stock items as soon as possible we recommend to place two separate orders

• How do you ship my order?
We use courier service GLS Europe and Spanish Post for overseas

• How do I know my order is shipped and is there a way to follow up?
We send a dispatch notification via email once your order is shipped and in this email you will find a tracking number to follow your package

• How long does it take from dispatch to receive my order?
Transit times are estimated based on many orders but overall Spain takes 1-2 working days, European Union countries 2-5 working days, rest of Europe is approx. 1-1.5 weeks. Overseas can be 2-6 weeks

• Is duty included in the shipping price?
No, shipping fee is exempt of any duty. Every country has different fees and it is always the buyers responsibility to settle this fee in the destination country

• My package arrived damaged/missing/items are missing/wrong product shipped
If you experience any of these please contact us at jkwillisvof@gmail.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible and try to sort out the issue immediately

 Shipping notification/invoice:
Dispatch notification 
via email is sent when your order is marked fulfilled. You will receive a tracking number and link where you can follow up.
is sent automatically via separate email when your order is marked fulfilled. Requesting a new invoice or copy in case of loss we reserve the right to charge extra €2


• Pre-orders placed together with stock items
It is our experience in the past months that our customers are not reading the terms and conditions, especially the section valid for orders placed for: pre-order and stock items together.
We get emails all the time asking about an update on their order, impatiently sometimes in a rude manner demanding a reply why their order is not shipped after 8-10 working days. It is very important that our customers when placing their orders understand the following: we do not split and ship the stock items by default. The shipping fee paid in your order is valid for one single shipment. Please place two orders if you wish to receive the stock items.     

CHANGES/CANCELLATION & REFUND/RETURNS (also see T&C on Clearance items + special sales items below)

• I placed an order and would like to make some changes/add more
You are more than welcome to make changes or add more items to your order, just get in touch with us asap to chat about the details

• I placed an order for stock item(s) and would like to cancel it
If you change your mind and wish to cancel your order please get in touch immediately as we can only cancel orders that are not yet shipped. If you get in touch after your order was shipped you can return to us once you received it but please keep in mind that the original postage fee is non-refundable and the return postage fee is paid the customer at all times and will not be refunded. Once the package is back to us we provide a refund of the product

• I placed an order for item(s) listed as pre-order. Can I make changes or cancel it?
Changes are possible but you need to contact us asap to check if we are able to proceed. Cancellation is not possible for pre-ordered props (flokati for example) as we pay our manufacturers and transport companies in advance. If for any reason you need to cancel your order we can offer replacement props valued for the same amount or provide shop credit

• What is your return/refund policy?
(1) If you change your mind about your order, you have 14 days after receiving the package to get in touch with us and inform us about the return. We will provide with a return address. Please kindly note that the original postage fee is non-refundable and the return fee is always paid by the customer and will not be refunded. Once the package arrives, we verify that the products are in untouched condition and refund will be made in value of the prop(s).
(2) No cancellation or refunds are made for packages in transit (no matter whether the package is in transit to the destination or for any reason it was returned from the destination).
(3) For orders outside the European Union where the Spanish Postal service is used for dispatching packages please get in touch to discuss the details of the return.
(4) There is no possibility for any returns or refunds for orders shipped outside the European Union zone until the package is in transit. If the package is missing or delayed we can put in a claim after 30 days (Spanish Post only) of the initial dispatch date
(5) There are NO full refunds on packages returned because the addressee failed to collect it. Only the products will be refunded if there was no damage during transport.
(6A) Shipping fees are non-refundable and any custom taxes we need to pay to pick out the packages will be deducted from the final refund.
(6B) International shipping fees may increase (especially in case of flokati orders) due to volume based postal requirements. If this change occurs we contact you to discuss the possibilities and how to pay the difference. These changes are out of our control and cannot be used to cancel pre-orders.
(7) It is always the buyer's responsibility to make sure the ordered items can be safely imported into the country of destination, we take no responsiblity for packages refused due to regulations (refunds are only made if the refused package arrives back to us and we only refund the products, the original shipping fee in non-refundable)
(8) Flokati pre-orders are non-cancellable, you are free to sell it to someone else and we ship to another address (extra shipping charges may apply) or provide shop credit
(9) Items purchased from our Clearance collection are non-refundable and non-returnable (only exception: transport damage) - if we shipped the wrong size item (small instead of medium or flat instead of regular) we refund the difference. 
(10) Items purchased in our Special Sales on discounted price (Black Friday, Boxing Day, Easter, random bowl, fabric, flokati sale etc.) are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled. Only those items are entitled for refund if there was a transport damage - if we shipped the wrong size item (small instead of medium or flat instead of regular) we refund the difference (no replacements). We always need more time to prepare these orders for shipping than our usual processing time (usual: 1-1.5 weeks, special sales: 2-4 weeks) and cancellation cannot be requested referring to the "long wait".

• I purchased a prop from your shop but it doesn't match with the image you are advertising with. Am I entitled for replacement or refund?
The answer depends on a few factors. We are stocking and selling unique hand-crafted props which means these items don't come off from a factory's production line. Each item is slightly different, none are symmetric nor perfect in any way. The shape and depth of our bowls are all different. We try to show as many different versions for each product as possible. Therefore request for replacement and refund cannot be not accepted. If you are not satisfied with your purchase we will ask you to return the item(s) to us and arrange a refund (please see above the full process). If for any reason we made a mistake and shipped the wrong size, color we will replace the prop(s) asap on our cost


Our rustic wooden bowls:

Our bowls are hand-crafted from old wood and therefore none of them are perfect in any way. From our collection it is usually 1 out of 1000 which looks like it was manufactured and has perfect round shape, flat bottom and even rim. It is very rare to be honest. This is why we call them rustic. Each are different, has its own character, color and charm.
Wood is a natural material and as it's drying even though the bowl was carved into a certain shape it will form/deform, crack, break etc. Because of this reason we created two listings in our shop. 
We don't advertise these bowls as perfect, but regular. Regular means that the bowls have zero or minimal cosmetic issues such as cracks, light wood fixing, paint patches. 
It is completely normal and natural that the bottoms are uneven, the rim is thicker, thinner, the depth is varying. 
Our other category is the perfectly imperfect, these bowls are discounted due to the reason that all of them have cosmetic issues like light wood fixing, glued cracks, paint patches. I can assure you that these pieces are not grouped and discounted because of the uneven bottom, etc.